User Registration being Auto-Approved with Review Turned on



Hi All,

I have a setup of FBA implemented, only issues is it auto approves account requesst without my review.  Any way to stop this? 

Thanks in Advance!


Sure. Just check the box 'Review Membership Requests' on the 'FBA Site Configuration' page.


That's whats weird, I have done that.  I have also unchecked, hit OK, gone back in and re-checked and hit OK and issue still persists.


That is strange. Does the user get an email that their request has been approved?


Yes they get an email with request approved and a random password.  They are added to FBA users and have access to nothing until manually added by a Share Point Admin to sites.  This one is racking my brain.  I event tried to reach out to Microsoft who gave up trying to resolve for me.  They referred me to these discussions boards.


I haven't heard this one before.  It sounds almost like it's not reading the site collection setting for review membership requests, and just pulling the default value of false.

Is the membership request web part being added to a page in the same site collection that you've set the 'Review Membership Requests' value? For a test, add a new membership request web part to a page on the root site of the site collection, and see if that works.

Also, I assume you can view the Site Membership Review List (From the FBA Membership Request Management link in Site Settings)?  If the above doesn't work, you may want to try deactivating + activating the feature in the site collection features.  This will drop and recreate the Site Membership Review List.

Check that you're running the latest version (1.3.1) from the FBA Site Configuration page.

If all of the above doesn't work, create a user with the membership request web part and then check the SharePoint logs to see if anything is mentioned in there. You can search for 'FBA Pack' to see if the FBA Pack itself has logged any errors.


I still can't seem to figure this out.  Anyway you could provide any additional things to check.  Could you fix in an hour?


As for other things to check - i'd probably try a redeploy of the FBA Pack.  Otherwise, i'm really not sure.  I could probably check it out the issue and try a few things in an hour. Hopefully it will be some type of configuration issue that will jump out at me, but since right now I don't know what would be causing it, I can't guarantee that it would be resolved in an hour.