User Remains in the same page not navigating to Complete step


I am using this Solution in Sharepoint2010 Membership Request web part. i need small requirement i need to show some SharePoint notification once user registration done .how can do it i am galling some Java script in that i am using some SP.UI.Notification i have created this method in MembershipRequestControl class i am call this before " this.MoveTo(this.CompleteStep);" code . it is not firing and one more this . Your solution once user Registration over user Navigating to Complete Page . in my solution after user creation over user remains in the same form with createuser button is invisible why . i have added adtion controls in CreateUsertemplet

Have you tried adding the javascript directly to the complete step template?

If things aren't working right for you - you might want to try adding the web part to a different page, so that all of the settings are reset - it could be that you changed a web part property and that is causing the issues. Or it could be changes to the template/code that are causing it.

Since it's a javascript call, you should probably debug it on the client side using the browser development tools (I prefer the chrome developer tools myself).