Users cannot edit their own profile


When a user tries to edit their own profile they can fill out the edit form (useredit.aspx) but upon submission SharePoint returns the 'Error: Access Denied' page.

Site Collection administrators can edit everyone's profiles.

Is this standard behavior of the FBA Pack or a result of the FBA set up?

How can I give users access to edit their own user profiles?

This is standard behaviour. Currently only site collection administrators are allowed to use the user management page.

At the moment the only way to change it would be to modify the code.

Thanks for your response.

Is this also standard behavior?

When at the site collection home level, the user navigates to their profile page via the top right ribbon user menu ([name] > My Settings). Above the table of user data they see a menu that reads 'Edit Item, My Regional Settings and My Alerts'.

When not at the site collection home level, i.e. a child site, and they access their profile using the same method, the menu doesn't appear.

When the user clicks 'Edit Item' they can edit the profile information but when they press save it gives them an access denied page. Appearing like they can edit their profile but when in reality they cannot.

If this is standard behavior then perhaps this 'Edit Item' link should be removed from the userdisp.aspx by default at the site collection level.

Unless i'm misreading what you're saying - you're talking about the actual SharePoint user profile page that comes with SharePoint, not part of the FBA Pack. I know i've run into issues with it's editability before, but I can't remember off the top of my head the requirements to allow it to be editable by a user.