Users Disappear on Approval

The company I work for has been having quite the adventure working to set up FBA on our SharePoint server. I didn't set up the FBA, but I have been informed that it should have been done correctly. Most everything seems to work. It was tricky to get email working, but when a user requests membership, they receive an email, if they are rejected they receive an email, password reset they receive an email. However, if a user is approved, they seem to disappear from the Users List, and they never receive an approval email with their temporary password. These are the only two lines that I've found in the logs that appear to be related, but to me, they don't say to much. Hoping for some help here.

Some tries produce this:
SharePoint 2010 FBA Pack General 00000 High System.Exception: Group cannot be found. at Visigo.Sharepoint.FormsBasedAuthentication.MembershipRequest.ApproveMembership(MembershipRequest request, SPWeb web) 01fd769d-8163-2077-3d37-ff596b875d9f

Others seem to have produced this:
SharePoint 2010 FBA Pack General 00000 High System.Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Visigo.Sharepoint.FormsBasedAuthentication.MembershipRequest.ApproveMembership(MembershipRequest request, SPWeb web) fffb769d-c1e4-2077-3d37-f18dfe94f796
I think the issue lies with the "Group cannot be found" error message.

If you go and edit the properties of the Membership Request web part that users are using to register, you'll notice that there's a SharePoint group field that can be set to a SharePoint group that the user will be placed in when their registration is approved. I'm guessing that since the time the web part was setup, the SharePoint group was removed. Either recreate the group, or change the setting to point to a different SharePoint group and you should be in business.
I've been doing some digging and I think that is about what it is. On my signup page I have
    <FBA:MembershipRequestWebPart frametype="None" chrometype="None" id="PasswordWebPart" runat="server"
        HipErrorMessage="<br>The characters do not match the picture"
I tried removing the GroupName tag and noticed that things seem to work now, other than the new user being placed into an "Approvers" group (which I don't know where that came from) and not into our FBAReadRole group like we'd like. I'm guessing that the tag needs to be restructured?
Little more information actually. FBAReadRole is a role that was created inside of the FBA. I found Approvers, along with a host of other roles hanging out under SharePoints groups. I can change the GroupName to be one of those, such as Approvers, Restricted Readers, what have you, and the user gets added under the correct group/role, and the SharePoint log shows SharePoint has successfully sent the email messages for the respective operations. Maybe my gmail doesn't like the amount of test emails it has been receiving, but the emails aren't showing up now it seems.
SharePoint Foundation           E-Mail                          ajs4z   Medium      Successfully sent e-mail message to recipients: Mail Subject: Novarad Customer Portal Membership Approved    ce02779d-1131-2077-3d37-fbef827effda
Update: Looks like it's just my gmail. They finally came through.
Glad to hear you got it working!