Where is the User-Full-Name stored




The WepPart is working Great.
But I have 2 questions:

- Where is the User Full Name stored? I can find the Email, Password, the UserName etc.
But I can't find the Full Name in the database. Are the names stores in SharePoint?

- One from my created users always changes his Full Name into something like i:0#.f|fbamembershipprovider|name. When I change the Name in the FBA Pack Management Webpart, it changes back to i:0#.f|fbamembershipprovider|name on its own.

Thanks for help!



The full name is stored in SharePoint - in the User Information List:



If the full name keeps getting changed back to the SharePoint claims username format - i've found that to happen in the past if the user has an alert set on a list.  When the alert gets sent out, the user's name is changed for some reason. Not sure why. It could be a SharePoint bug. It could also potentially be a bug in the FBA pack that I fixed recently - where the event receiver for the membership review list was getting run by other lists. You can download the code and build the new version yourself, or there should be a fully tested new version available in the downloads section of the site in the next couple of weeks.


I downloaded the latest version. It seems that there is a Problem with the removed default permissions from Site Memebership Review List, cause I can't access the membership request page with any user.
Is it possible, to get an older version without the removed permissions?



Sorry, we fixed ist.


Actually I purposely removed the default permissions, in order to make the list only accessible by site collection admins (like the rest of the FBA Pack management functionality).  I had noticed that even members could access the list and modify values in the table.  The site collection admins can go and change the permissions on the table themselves if they'd like to allow others to view/modify it.

If there's a problem with my thinking, and you don't think I should have done this, please let me know why asap - as i'm just getting a new version of the FBA Pack ready for release as we speak.


No, i think that's fine.