Workflow email notification not working on Site Memmbership Review list


Hi chris,

I have added workflow to the Site Membership Review list to send email notification when an item is added the list.
when a user submit the membership request and an item is added automatically then the workflow is not sending any email alerts but when added manually an item to the list then the workflow email notification is sending emails.

can I know how this can be sorted?


I would think that should work fine, though I can’t say i’ve setup a workflow on that list before. What I do is add an ‘Alert’ to the list to be notified when there’s a new item. I’ve never had any problems with alerts.


Hi Chris,

thanks for your reply.

I cant setup alerts because the email I am using is not is the Active Directory and also these SP alerts not work for static email address.
I have setup a workflow to copy the item and store in my destination list when approved this is working absolutely fine but I don’t understand why not working only when an item is added automatically .


I’m not sure about the workflows - but alerts will definitely work with any address. It’s probably the smtp server that is refusing to send the emails. You’ll need to configure the smtp server to allow ‘relaying’ from the SharePoint server.


Hi Chris,
I stick to alerts which are working fine.