Your attempt to retrieve your password was not successful. Please try again



Hi , I have downloaded the latest version of FBA pack and i followed the installation steps as mentioned in this articles. Its works as well.

i have created a pages contains with change password and it works fine. the same way i expect the Recovery password even i configured with smtp servers for the current application using the application managment options using cerntral admin.

but when i am providing the username , its throwing an error like "Your attempt to retrieve your password was not successful. Please try again". i dont whether i haved missed any settings or i need to modify any site settings for this.. Even i have modified al the properties in the IIS for FBA providers like "reterview password set to true " etc i make everthing as true in iss.. any help will be highy appreicated..

please its very very urgent for us to fix.


If the other web parts are working, I'm not sure why the password recovery web part wouldn't be working. Have you tried the user registration web part?  If that doesn't work as well, I'd guess that it's a problem with your email setup.  Can you get emails from lists in SharePoint?  If you're still having problems,  can you check the logs and see if there's anything relevant in there.  Also please post the exact error messages that you're getting.